New! Landscape Designer Mentorship Program

Looking for Talent

2022 Mentorship Program

We are currently accepting applications to join our 2022 Mentorship Group starting in October. Perhaps you have a landscape design background and some construction experience, but would like to learn from someone in the industry to "up your game". This is an opportunity to participate in a weekly study group, work towards your Certified Landscape Designer designation, and take years off of the learning curve. The focus is on hand drawn designing. We will have a "Seva" type arrangement where you will trade some hours as opposed to monetary payment.

Please send your resume to

"We had definite ideas of what we wanted but no idea how to tie them together. Working with Adele not only brought our ideas together but opened our eyes to the possibilities of what we could do. Being able to sit down to talk about what we wanted in the perfect yard, what the traffic flow looked like, while she drew it before our eyes was an amazingly fun & inspiring process. We are fully confident knowing we have a set plan and will enjoy going forward to bring our design to life."

- 2018 Client - Erin & Scott Harhara

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