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Free Landscape Design Planner

Here is our wonderful free 10 page idea planner for you to use on your project!

We recommend printing it 2 sided to save paper AND in color so it looks more awesome!

click here to download

Free "How to Install your Landscape" ebook!

There is a lot to know - even when you have a plan in your hand.

Click here to download an amazing ebook about how to install your landscape.

You will save time, money and mistakes. Be successful!


Free Do It Yourself Landscape Design Courses on YouTube

If you would like to learn how to do your own landscape design or even to design for others, here is an amazing resource of videos. They are very detailed and step by step. 

Base Plan teaches you how to get started.

Space and Flow will get you seeing your property with new eyes.

Garden Rooms will organize all of those elements that go into a wonderful landscape.


Click here to access our 1, 2, 3 Landscape Design Series!

These courses are free on our YouTube Channel


Here are some pdfs that go with the courses on YouTube

Multi Circle Template

Landscape Idea Planner


"Hello Adele, It was a joy to listen to your presentation at the Home and Garden Show on Thursday and the big surprise at the end of a gift of a free Primrose. I have always loved to look at them and never brought one home and now I have one to care for in my home (for now) and to enjoy every day. Thank you so much for your kindness and knowledge!"

- Anne Ryan

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