Euna Kang

Euna’s Superpower is her love of the design process.

Using 25 years of experience in visual communication - exploring and interpreting client needs and desires, she can help you refine your vision and set out achievable goals.

Euna has a high level of curiosity and is a life-long learner. With her Bachelor of Design, she has been exploring infill housing, playground design/build, commercial real estate, architecture, and horticulture.

She sees landscape design as a way for people to create positive change in tangible ways – such as using more native plants to reduce water needs. She spends at least 10 hours a week playing outside and easily imagines the benefits of having more natural beauty right in your own backyard.

Euna’s favorite word is Discovery.  

She will inspire the urban dweller to create charming – easy care - places to gather outdoors.


"Hi Adele. Thanks again for your expert advise! We are very pleased with your suggestions and have already started to work towards some of our landscaping goals. I have also been telling anyone who will listen how wonderful you are and I’m sure I have sent some future referrals your way."

- Client - Shelly from Edmonton

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