Heather Hodgson

If you value the tidy, organized aesthetic, with a low maintenance focus,  Heather can make that vision happen – even if you have a lively lifestyle!

Through adrenaline sports like snowboarding and mountain biking, she understands the physical nature of space and the benefits of play. And she knows all about the joy of dogs as she has 3 of her own!

Heather is intrigued with solving how a space can serve more than one purpose. Her Landscape Architectural Technologist training and landscape construction experience give her invaluable understanding of how your project can come together in a practical way.

Like a conductor, she is watching how all the elements of your garden will synergize in a symphony of beauty and functionality.


"Earthworm (Adele Goodwin) came to my yard and provided a spectacular design in a matter of three hours from start to finish – all I had to do was dream. My new-to-me house has a very plain-jane yard. I love to spend time relaxing in yard and garden so wanted to transform it into something beautiful but didn’t know where to start. A friend called Earthworm last year and recommended it so I called. I’m so glad I did. In three years I will change a square box into a gorgeous, calming respite. The process involved me and built on my preferences and tastes all the way, incorporating everything that I love. Adele’s expertise and creativity was extremely valuable. Once we started looking at options and talking, I completely changed my original concept. Going into this, I was hoping for a basic back deck with a garden, some flowers, blah, blah, blah. The design that Adele developed will create a wonderful, dramatic oasis – for me and for the neighbourhood enjoying its beauty – for years and years to come. What a gift Earthworm is! Thank you so much, Adele!! I’m pinching myself – I feel like a little girl who just got a pony! This was the smartest investment I could have ever made."

- Client - Donna Call

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