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Adele Goodwin

Adele Goodwin BSc(Agr) Landscape Horticulture

Adele Goodwin BSc(Agr) Landscape Horticulture

Adele has a degree in Landscape Horticulture from the University of Guelph in Ontario. She owned Gardens & Gifts, a Garden Centre and Landscaping Company in New Liskeard, Ontario during the 90's where she integrated plant knowledge, installation and maintenance (i.e. she found out what actually works!). She moved to Alberta in 1999 and opened EarthWorm Landscape Design Co. to express her favorite part of the landscape industry...designing! She has worked on thousands of properties since then and is really enjoying the return of former clients who are moving or upgrading their properties as their lives change. 

Adele has been featured in Womanition Magazine for several years and also in Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine.  She has been nominated in the Professional Trades category of the SuPearlative Awards for the past 2 years in a row. She has received many Awards of Excellence from the industry association of Landscape Alberta and was a judge of the competition for 2017. Adele has been on the executive of Landscape Alberta and has been a provincial rep for the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association. 

Adele has a Certificate in Feng Shui from the Northern Star College in Edmonton which she uses to assist people in generating more harmony in their homes and lives. This shows up in the designs as an attention to flow, safety, privacy, welcoming entry areas, and an inviting warmth.

Adele has been teaching do-it-yourself landscape design classes for 30 years and enjoys the mutual learning and fun that results from interaction in the classroom. She has taught at many places such as the Devonian Gardens, Lee Valley Tools, Greenland Garden Centre, and a variety of extension education programs. Visit our workshops page for more upcoming events.

You will see Adele at the Edmonton Home and Garden Show in March 2019 where she has her booth in Hall F near the Landscape Wars display. (She often has a plant to give away when you stop by!)

Hand Drawn Designs!

It may surprise you to find a designer that is drawing by hand! While Adele embraced the digital trend in the early 2000's, she found that she was missing the creative artistry and the intuitive sense of flow and returned to the pencil after a few years.

In addition, she found that drawing the plan right in front of the client created a synergy that she had not previously experienced when producing the plans in her office. The old model of making 2 or 3 versions for people to choose between has evolved into an animated design conversation. Options are drawn, erased, tweaked and solidified until it settles into just the right configuration...step by step until a unified cohesive plan is suddenly visible. Often people don't know what they want but once it is drawn, they know what they like or don't like. It is an easy fix to change direction!

Once everyone is happy, the plants are labelled, a little colour is added, and some details are noted. Many people feel they have received a work of art.


Adele has a strong desire to make your property into something amazing! How do you uncover that special garden that you know is lurking beneath the ordinariness? Well, it's not about big budgets and a long list of should-haves...It's about heart! We will explore ideas that will unleash your landscape's true potential!

"Not only do we LOVE our yard – our family, friends do too. Adele helped us create an oasis!"

- Client - Rochelle and Ron Jeffery

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