Online Courses

Has your garden gone to the dogs?


We have a program for that!

Go a little deeper in your experience of designing the landscape around you. Spend time reflecting on how you would like to use your garden space by taking in an online course.

Adele is an accomplished educator who has delivered practical and fun workshops on landscape design for 30 years. She has taught through the Devonian Gardens, The Edmonton Horticultural Society, Lee Valley Tools, Strathcona County Garden Club, Greenland Garden Centre and many Continuing Education Programs across Central Alberta and Northeastern Ontario. 

New for 2020!

Look here for information about on-line courses for everyone from homeowners who want to do it all themselves to experienced designers looking to enrich their careers. These are under development and coming soon. 

Some of the topics include;

FREE COURSE: How to Draw a Base Plan - an easy journey from measuring to drawing on grid paper

Space and Flow - how to lay out your garden for the most enjoyable experience

Walls and Steps - how to design structures that work

Decks- how to create a beautiful living space 

Modern Style - techniques for making it look great!

How to design a planting bed

Dogs! Designing your garden space for your four legged friends

How not to kill your plants!

Your Inner Garden - an art adventure for all levels of experience



"Hello Adele, It was a joy to listen to your presentation at the Home and Garden Show on Thursday and the big surprise at the end of a gift of a free Primrose. I have always loved to look at them and never brought one home and now I have one to care for in my home (for now) and to enjoy every day. Thank you so much for your kindness and knowledge!"

- Anne Ryan

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