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Alison Pickard-Draper

Alison is an energetic and creative designer with a wealth of experience in the landscape and garden centre industry. 

Alison is a graduate of the University of Guelph, the Master Gardener program, and  Permaculture Design Certificate program . She runs a microfarm with a greenhouse, and grows produce supplying several other families on a weekly basis. She is also raising a delightful 2 year old with her musician husband Jeff.

As former tree and shrub manager AND designer at Greenland Garden Centre - and being an avid gardener - she knows what grows!

She will bring her observant, solution oriented skills to help you create order and beauty to your outdoor spaces.

Alison did an amazing job from start to finish on our whole design. She was a great listener, had a lot of super ideas and made awesome suggestions that were so perfect based on our wishes (and dreams) for our yard. She was a real pleasure to work with and I absolutely love the design! So many great little spaces in our plan - everything from a secret garden and outdoor work area for me, to relaxing nooks and spacious outdoor rooms for gatherings of all kinds. We are so excited to get started on our backyard oasis.

Sue K.

Keeping it colourful on her microfarm!

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Adele Duguay

In 2024 Adele will be mostly in a support role for the design team. She will have some availability for our Unique Projects category.

Adele is an award-winning designer who loves plants, people, and patterns.  She has a degree in Landscape Horticulture from Guelph, Ontario and owned a garden centre and landscape company for 9 years in Temiskaming Shores. She has certificatees in  Permaculture Design, Color of Woman Intentional Creativity, and Feng Shui.

She has an eagle eye for spatial and harmonious balance. Adele helps people optimize and beautify their properties and amazes them with how much they enjoy their new garden - all season long. Her designs have helped many people sell their homes decades after the gardens were installed.

Through careful listening and observation, Adele brings out unexpected solutions to properties that have a lot going on.

She can bring you clearly and intuitively through the design process – from overwhelm to possibility.

Prairie Picnic 2019

Adele's Resume